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Welcome to Townsville Pallet & Crate Manufacturers
Supplying pallets, crates, boxes & skids to Townsville, Cairns, Mackay, Mt. Isa and throughout northern Australia

Townsville Pallet & Crate Manufacturers are a North Queensland owned and operated business offering our services to companies all over North Queensland. We manufacture our products right here in Townsville, North Queensland.

Established in 1979, we have been reliably supplying major commercial and industrial businesses with standard pallets, custom pallets, export pallets, crates, skids, boxes, dunnage and all other timber packaging products for over 40 years.

Our manufacturing plant in Townsville has an extensive range of specialised manufacturing, sawing and treatment equipment relevant to all industry functions. Our equipment includes North Queensland’s only oven that provides the on-site capability to heat treat and certify your timber products to ISPM15 standards for export. From Mackay to the Far North and west to Mount Isa, we can assist your business with your storage and packaging needs from start to finish. Our friendly sales team will discuss your packaging needs and recommend a product suitable to you. Call us now for a free quote.

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townsville pallets
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Call Brian and the friendly team at Townsville Pallet & Crate Manufacturers today
We fully cover all warehousing, transport and storage requirements to all areas of the commercial, industrial and mining communities, milling and manufacturing high quality products for local or export use

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townsville skids cairns pallets cairns crates
cairns skids
In all facets of industry/commerce the humble pallet has been serving this environment well and we have been supplying pallets to Townsville, Cairns, Mackay & Mt Isa for years.
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Our custom made crates & boxes for our Townsville, Cairns, Mackay & Mt Isa customers are designed to get to their destination in tact while protecting their contents & are suitable for import/export.
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Our skids are suitable for the transportation of sheetmetal, glass and timber products and can be made in any size from 300mm to 10,000mm right here at our Townsville plant.
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Whether for long distance freight or local transport our Dunnage products are designed to your specifications and help our clients with a total timber packaging solution.
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Our products include but are not limited to pallets, crates, boxes, skids, dunnage, gluts and wedges. We can also heat treat and certify your own timber products for export if you so require.

40 – 44 Enterprise Street, Bohle Industrial Estate, Townsville, QLD 4818
PO Box 7763, Garbutt, QLD, 4814

PHONE: (07) 4774 5284